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Dust Free Floor Preparation

A CRUCIAL part of any industrial/commercial flooring installation is the preparation of the surface itself. If this is not done, or is prepared to a sub-standard level, then the flooring system installed will certainly not last and would begin to disintegrate relatively quick.

Direct Resin Solutions offers the complete dust-free floor preparation service, we use various mechanical tools to achieve the necessary result for each project. The most popular forms of floor preparation we provide are shot blasting, grinding, edge work and floor planning, all of which is vacuum-assisted to keep the dust down to a bare minimum and to ensure your workplace are as clean as possible at all times.

Not only do we provide this quality service to our own clients as part of the flooring system we install, but we also provide this service to existing flooring companies/contractors who simply need coatings removed, i.e. existing resin, adhesive, tiles, screeds etc.

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    “The guys at Direct Resin Solutions are fantastic. We needed a company that could have our factory flooring covered in Epoxy Resin, finished with Line Makings and they delivered.”

    Steve Richards, MD

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