Industrial Flooring Repairs

Industrial floor repairs are extremely common and if not dealt with swiftly, they can escalate into a time consuming, expensive exercise.  We advise to deal with repairs as soon as they appear.

Each repair scenario is unique to each client. We generally ask for pictures to be emailed to us, along with dimensions and what the area in question is used for, so we can give an appropriate solution that will last and stand the test of time.
There truly are a multitude of solutions available when dealing with repairs, but no need to worry. Our knowledgeable staff will identify the most cost-effective option available.
If you require this service please contact our team via email or telephone for your FREE quote.


“The guys at Direct Resin Solutions are fantastic. We needed a company that could have our factory flooring covered in Epoxy Resin, finished with Line Makings and they delivered.”
Steve Richards, MD

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