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High Quality MMA Resin Flooring

When a quick return to service is required and multiple site visits are not feasible or economical, MMA flooring systems can provide the answer.

The MMA systems we supply and install offer a huge range of solutions, all with a rapid return to service with NO LOSS in quality, durability or chemical resistance.

MMA based resin systems hold the advantage over polyurethane and epoxy systems because of the very fast curing times. MMA flooring systems can be installed from start to finish within a single day, including multiple coats. Service can normally be resumed just a couple of hours after completion.

The only downside of MMA flooring systems is the extremely powerful odour it emits during installation, but after the chemical reaction takes place the odour dissipates relatively quick, leaving the work area odour free.

If you feel this is the flooring system to suit your requirements please call or email our team today.

    Some of our customers


    “The guys at Direct Resin Solutions are fantastic. We needed a company that could have our factory flooring covered in Epoxy Resin, finished with Line Makings and they delivered.”

    Steve Richards, MD